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Secret Santa Gift Ideas

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Here at SneakySanta.Com, our number one goal is to make Secret Santa fun, and what could be more fun than winning? In order for you to win the title of Best Gifter Ever, you are going to need some gift idea inspiration. You can use our gift guides to get your creative juices flowing, or you can pretend like you totally came up with one of these ideas because you knew it would be just perfect for the person you picked.

As everyone showers praise on you at the Christmas party for that amazing gift idea you came up with, you can just raise your arms and celebrate your triumph. Don’t worry about having to live up to expectations next year, because we’ll always be right here with custom gift guides to keep that gift-giving championship trophy right there on your mantel.

In this article, we give you five old reliable ideas which are always well-received and set you on the road to Secret Santa victory. If you'd like some inspiration from what others are hoping for this Christmas, check out the top 10 trending Secret Santa gift ideas on SneakySanta.Com. Let's get started with the basics here:

A bottle of wine from a Secret Santa


If you picked a person who you know likes the fermented grape, then they are going to love getting a bottle (or two) of your favorite wine to expand their horizons. It is exciting to try something new and trying it for free makes it even better! Wine also makes a great gift because they can hang on to it until whatever occasion they wish to break it open, and they can share it with someone else too. You can order wine online from or use a service like Drizly to do some price shopping and find the perfect bottle in a store near where you live.

Gift cards are a popular Secret Santa gift

Gift Cards

Gift cards are always a welcome treat, but make sure they aren’t against the rules in your particular Secret Santa group. Sometimes the group leader will request no gift cards to get people to be more creative with their wishlists. If you do have the approval of the great and mighty group organizer, then try to go for gift cards from well-known retailers. Just because you love the coffee down at Jerry’s on Main, that doesn’t mean the person you are giving the gift card to will ever be able to get by there. Your gift card may just end up in some drawer somewhere and that’s not going to get you the spoils of gift-giving victory. Unless you know for sure a favorite place they like to spend money, you can always play it safe with gift cards from merchants like Amazon, Visa, Walmart, Target, and Starbucks.

A book from your Secret Santa can open up a whole new world.


Books can be tricky if you don’t know the person well, but if you know enough to know what they like to read, a new book may just be the gift that puts you at the top of the charts. Like trying a new wine, trying a new author or a new book from an old favorite adds extra excitement for the recipient. They aren’t just getting a gift. They are potentially expanding their horizons as well. If you are doing an office Secret Santa, you will definitely want to stay away from anything explicit, political, or otherwise controversial. Be careful with self-help books, because it might be taken as something judgmental if it isn't something you know the person was looking to improve upon.

If you don’t have any book ideas of your own, we like to consult the Best Books of the Year So Far and the 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime lists on Amazon.

DVDs and Blu-rays still make good Secret Santa gifts.


People aren’t buying DVDs and Blu-rays as much as they used to, but statistics suggest that they are still accepting them as gifts 100% of the time! There are a couple of fun directions you can go with movie gifts. You can go with a popular new release, or you can get a classic that you know the person will enjoy watching whether it is the first time or the 100th time.

The new release movies tend to come in combo packs with the DVD/Blu-ray, and often a code that allows them a digital copy as well, so you don’t have to worry about what type of device they might have. Like books, stay far away from explicit, political, and controversial stuff ESPECIALLY when you are doing an office Secret Santa.

Don’t have any idea what kind of movies the person you picked may like? You can always go with something like an iTunes, Google Play, or Fandango gift card and let them pick their own.

A Secret Santa gift is the perfect way to give a new kitchen gadget a try.

Kitchen Gadgets

Believe it or not, people love getting kitchen gizmos from their Secret Santa. Who hasn’t seen some tool or gadget on an infomercial and thought a little too long about picking up the phone and ordering one just to see if it lives up to the hype? Well, a gift from your Secret Santa is the perfect chance to finally get one without any guilt! If the gadget is an epic fail, then it doesn’t matter because the gift wasn’t actually the gadget, it was a chance to finally experience how it works! If it turns out to be a device that changes their very existence, then you are the greatest Secret Santa of all time and all others must bow to your awesomeness. You can’t lose either way! You can find unique kitchen gadget ideas at places like Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, and World Market.

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