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What is a Secret Santa Generator?

To understand the purpose of a secret santa generator, let's talk about what secret santa is in the first place! The first ingredient you need for a secret santa is a group of people who want to give each other gifts for Christmas. Each person in the group randomly picks the name of another person in the group, and that will be the person they are secret santa for. Your secret santa will typically buy or make gifts for you, often delivering them to you as a surprise, and then there will be a big "reveal" moment where everyone finds out who their secret santa is sometime close to Christmas.

This was done in the past by writing everyone's name on slips of paper, tossing them in a hat (or bowl, basket, etc.), and then having each person pull a name. That was the way you would "generate" your secret santa before SneakySanta.Com! There were a number of hassles with the old "drawing names from a hat" method which SneakySanta solves for you:

  •  Families, friends, and coworkers who want to have a secret santa aren't always physically together. SneakySanta.Com allows you to do your entire secret santa online, so no need for everybody to touch that sweaty hat!
  •  When you draw names for Christmas from a hat, you can't be sure you won't pick your own spouse or child if they are in the drawing. If you pick your spouse, you have to put the name back and draw again. If the only name left is your spouse, you have to swap with someone else or pick names again. With SneakySanta, you can easily set up secret santa rules, hit the draw names button, and be sure that everyone gets a name based on the rules you like.
  •  What should you get for the person you picked and what kinds of things would you like from your secret santa? SneakySanta.Com provides an awesome solution for you. Each person in the group has their own secret santa wishlist where they can share ideas about the kinds of things they like, want, or need. In addition, you can send each other "Sneaky Messages" if you need to ask questions about something. They won't know who sent it because it only lets them know it came from "Someone Sneaky!"
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