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About Us

We want to add joy, laughter, and fun to your Christmas!

What is SneakySanta.Com?

SneakySanta.Com is an online secret santa generator for family, friends, and coworkers. You can create a group, send out invitations, draw names, share wishlists, and even send each other "Sneaky Messages"!

Set up Secret Santa rules in your group so that spouses can't draw each other's names or any other rules for the name drawing that you'd like. Feel free to share the kid's wishlists and choose whether you want to include them in your name drawing or not. It's great for families that are spread out or that have grown to the point that drawing names would be more budget friendly. It is also perfect for those groups of friends or coworkers who like to add a little fun to the Christmas season. On top of all that, it is way cooler than pulling names out of a hat!

How We Got Started
Secret Santa Generator - SneakySanta.Com

Way back in 2001, SneakySanta.Com founder Michael Jones's family had grown to a point that drawing names was a good idea for everyone's gift-giving budgets. Michael was a web developer so of course he decided to make an online way to do it. It worked great since the family was spread over a few states. After putting together some name drawing code, a way for the family members to enter gift ideas for themselves, and a method to display a few family pictures, a new family tradition was born. Over the next few years, improvements were made here and there to the site until we decided it might be something that other people might enjoy using. Now in business for over a decade, the site has grown and is now a fun part of the Christmas tradition for families and friends worldwide.

Why We Celebrate Christmas
The Reason for the Season

For us, Christmas is a birthday party. It is the day that we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that he died on the cross to reconcile us with God. Why would we need that? Consider this very simplistic scenario. Imagine you have a friend that is consistently being treated poorly by someone. In addition, your friend has gone out of their way to help this particular person who keeps turning right around and abusing your friend. What advice would you give your friend? Most of us would at least suggest to our friend that they get that person out of their life. Some might even suggest that they do something to get back at the person who has been treating them poorly. We would expect our friend not to tolerate someone treating them that way.

Now, the Creator of the Universe and all mankind is consistently treated poorly by all of us. He only asks that we trust him and obey the commands he gave us, which are for our own good anyway. His commands? Jesus summarized all of God's commands into two statements. "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind," and "Love your neighbor as yourself."

He created us, so he knows exactly what is best for us. Of course, we don't see it that way. We want to do things our own way. We want to be in charge. Trusting him is not what we want to do, and we think we know better. As a result, we treat him very poorly and we do not do the one simple thing he asks of us. Trust and rely on him. What should we expect him to do about that? Well, he loves us so much that he doesn't want to be out of our lives, and he doesn't want to see us suffer because he is not in our lives. He gave us a way out, even though he knows that we will keep on treating him poorly. He asks that we believe in his son, Jesus, who was given to us as a way to make things right with him. He gave that gift to us, no matter how many times we do things that hurt him.

Of course there is much more to it than this, but we wanted to give a basic example and hopefully we haven't come up too short. A great book written by Chronicles of Narnia author, C.S. Lewis, named Mere Christianity is one of our favorites if you'd like to read a "non-preachy" book from someone who was once an atheist and found Christianity to be the answer for him.

Why You Celebrate Christmas
We love being a part of your Christmas celebration!

Maybe you celebrate for much the same reason we do. Maybe you don't share our beliefs at all, but Christmas is about family, holiday traditions, presents, or all of the above. It has certainly become a holiday that means those things and more to many, many people. Whatever it is about Christmas that is most meaningful to you, we thank you for sharing a part of it with us!

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