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Everything you need to know about getting Sneaky!

We are always working to make SneakySanta.Com as easy to use as possible, but there are a few questions we often receive when people are thinking about using it as their secret santa generator for the first time. If you have any other questions at all, please contact us and we will be glad to help!

Can I add a child/spouse/parent to my group if they don't have an email address?
Yes! On the page where you add items to your wishlist, we have an "Add Another Person's Wishlist" button in the "Wishlist Settings" box which allows you to add as many people as you want with a single login. We have people who use this when they want to share the kids’ wishlists with the family or they have couples who share the same email address.

Can I set up rules to prevent certain people from picking each other?
Absolutely. Once you have everyone listed on the group page that you want to have in the drawing, click the “Draw Names” button. It will take you through two steps. The first step allows you to leave someone out of the drawing (like kids if you are sharing their wishlists with the group). The second step lets you select each person in your group and then uncheck any names you don’t want them to pick. Sometimes people use that to make sure spouses don’t pick each other for example. Once you finish the “Draw Names” steps, an email will go out letting everyone know that they need to sign in and see the name they picked!

I have a large group and I don't have all of their email addresses. How can I invite everyone?
When you create a new group, an invite link is created that you can copy and share with anyone you would like to invite. You might do that via text, social media post or message on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., common message board, or any other method that you use to communicate with the group. Multiple people can use the same invite link to join your group.

Can the group leader see who picked each person in case someone doesn't receive a gift?
Yes! The group leader has an option called “Show Me The Santas” which is shown after the name drawing is done. If someone does not receive a gift, you can click on that person’s name to find out who picked them, but try to only use your powers for good!

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