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Trending Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Updated 12/6/2018

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Like Alabama in college football, it seems like the Amazon Gift Card is always in first place. Lots of new faces appear this week behind the champ though!

We hope you have drawn names for your Sneaky Santa group(s) and have enjoyed making your wish list for your Sneaky Santa to choose from. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas for your wishlist, or you picked someone who hasn't given you many options, check out this list of the top 10 requested items right now on SneakySanta.Com. There are a variety of items here, so hopefully you will be able to find at least one or two to add to your Sneaky Santa wish list!

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1. Amazon Gift Card

Old faithful is almost always at the top of the charts and it remains that way today. Amazon gift cards are versatile thanks to the fact that Amazon pretty much carries anything you want. As long as your Sneaky Santa group doesn't have a rule against gift cards, you can't go wrong with this one!

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2. Becoming by Michelle Obama

The #1 New York Times Bestselling Memoir from former First Lady Michelle Obama has been a wildly popular request on Sneaky Santa wishlists this month and has rocketed into the number two position on the trending gifts chart. Mrs. Obama takes the reader through her journey from childhood in Chicago to her role as the First Lady of the United States of America and all the amazing moments along the way!

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3. Echo Dot

After a brief exit from the charts, the always-popular Echo Dot has returned to the rankings. The Echo Dot is Amazon's most popular voice-controlled speaker and has been a popular request on Sneaky Santa wishlists since its release. With your Echo Dot you can ask Alexa to play music, give you the weather, add things to your shopping lists, control devices around the house, and even have her tell you a joke!

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4. Cravings: Hungry for More by Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen's bestseller fell a couple of spots in the charts but is still a hot item on Sneaky Santa wishlists. Chrissy's two years of parenthood have given her new ideas and perspectives on healthy and quick meals that everyone will love.

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5. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking

Guess what's cooking on Sneaky Santa wishlists this week? Cookbooks are most definitely on the menu! Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is really a book about cooking more than a book of recipes. Author Samin Nosrat doesn't just give you the "how's" of cooking, but the "why's" as well. This is the perfect book for someone who wants to go from recipe follower to recipe crafter!

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6. Essential Oil Diffuser

The URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser is another item we see frequently on the top trending wishlist items list at SneakySanta.Com. It quietly mists essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, etc. into your home or office creating a relaxing, peaceful environment. At a price usually under $20, it makes a fantastic secret Santa gift!

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7. VicTsing Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

Between the cookbooks and the essential oil diffusers on the charts this week, it seems smell-goods are trending! This VicTsing model comes in just behind URPower's offering as one of the most popular items on Sneaky Santa wishlists right now. This model can mist for about six to eight hours on a full tank, and spreads those relaxing essential oil scents around your home along with soothing soft LED lights if you're in the mood.

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8. SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

Noise cancelling wireless earbuds that produce great sound and hours of battery life, for less than fifty bucks sound good to you? Apparently, they sound good to lots of Sneaky Santa users also as they appear this week in the number 8 position on the trending chart!

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9. Spider-Man for PS4

If your spidey-sense is tingling, it might be telling you that the Playstation-4-exclusive Spider-Man game is super awesome! Players get to web-sling their way around New York City, fighting crime and immersing themselves in Spidey's story. It's all about having fun but never forget that with great power, comes great responsibility. We're counting on you Spidey!

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10. Tournament Bristle Dartboard

Finishing last isn't always a bad thing, especially if it's last on a TOP 10 list! This dartboard has been an extremely popular item on Sneaky Santa wishlists and you'll probably score a bullseye if you take aim at this one for your Sneaky Santa this year!

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